May 25, 2010

Panic Attack

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Oh my gosh, where do I start.  Appointment with the counsellor this morning – so far I haven’t been able to drive myself there as I haven’t felt confident enough.  I knew that we had to wait in the house today for a parcel to be collected so I knoew I would have to drive myself this time while G waited in the house.  I thought I’d be OK and I would manage it – but as soon as I was in bed, listening to my relaxation track – i t hit me.  My heart was pounding and no amount of deep breathing could calm it.  I barely heard any of the relaxation track, all I could feel was the panic rising up in me.  I tried listening to another track – no good.  I kept going over and over things in my head imaging getting lost or worse having an accident in the car etc.  There was no reasoning with me I was out of control.  I felt a real tightness high up in my chest and could hardly breathe.  Then I thought, OK I just won’t turn up to the appointment – then I felt so guilty at the thought of that.  After the week I’d had I knew I could really do with seeing her and the thought of not going made me panic even more – how on earth was I ever going to get better.  If I stopped going I knew it would be even harder for me to start again.

Gary then came to bed (his usual 2am time), I was wide awake and practically hyperventilating.  Of course he didn’t notice and went straight to sleep.  Of course I didn’t explain to him what was wrong I just took it that he didn’t care enough about me to notice.  So that made me worse – I moved into the spare bedroom and tried to calm myself down.  I had started thinking bad stuff about our relationship again, thinking what is the point?  I was getting pains in my chest I was getting so worked up.  So then I turned on the light and started reading my Overcoming Depression book – I don’t even know if I took any of it in, I just read and read to try and quieten my mind and tire myself out.  Eventually I put the light out and chanted over and over to  myself as I tried to get to sleep “I’ll handle it”.  It must have worked as I woke up at 6.30 by the cat wanting his breakfast. I felt rough.  I managed to doze for an hour or 2 after that.  As for the appointment itself… to be continued in the next post…