July 1, 2010


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Livi did this last month for June and I loved the idea but as usual never got round to actually doing it.  So here are my goals for July.  Hopefully writing them down will make them easier to keep!

  1. Go to the big scary gym at least twice this month.  I was going to say three times but I KNOW that’s way too much for me to cope with.  I have been paying a monthly membership for the last 6 months or so and haven’t used it so I need to get back into going.  I need to get more confidence!
  2. Do some form of aerobic exercise at least every other day.  Since I’ve started feeling less anxious etc I can actually eat again!  And it’s starting to show!
  3. Make more of an effort with my appearance.
  4. Try to stop self-harming as much.  It’s not going to stop completely overnight but I want to try and reduce it.
  5. Listen to my relaxation CD’s the doctor gave me every day – I’ve been really lax with this and have only managed once a week for the first two.  It seems my preferred method of relaxation is to cut myself.  Must change this.
  6. A general one – but just try to be more positive and aware of my moods.

April 29, 2010

Where is the sun…?

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Feeling a bit low this morning.  The day just seems really bleak & is stretching out in front of me.  The weather is rubbish as well which probably doesn’t help (where is the sun?).  Will try and get through it as best as I can.  I’m also gettign stressed out about work things I have to do – & you know what it’s like when you get depressed, everything just seems so overwhelming. I’ll try and do little bits of them and talk about the problems so they don’t get on top of me and seem even more impossible.

I’ve read about the 50 million introductory chapters (more like 4 or 5 really) in my new book – Overcoming Depression and am now onto the nitty-gritty of the practical stuff.  I promise to read another chapter today, maybe it will help me feel a bit better.

Also have to try and do some sort of exercise hopefully it won’t rain, it’s looking pretty dark outside…. Bye for now.