May 27, 2010

Mars & Venus

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Well I went to the library, was not impressed by their choice of relatoinship books!  Anyway, having read John Gray’s Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus last summer I got out his Mars & Venus In Love book – all about inspirational stories of how his teachings have helped people.  G & I both read the original book and we were really excited at the thought that we COULD have a good relationship, there was nothing wrong with us we just didn’t know how to communicate.  But, like all things life improved for maybe a month or 2 then we started forgetting and letting things slip.

So hopefully this book will re-inforce all the ideas in my mind and maybe we can start working on it again.  I’m scared tosuggest to G that he reads this book after I’m finished.  He scoffed “We don’t need any help from a book” when he found out I was going to the library… But we clearly do need help.

Has anyone else had any experiences with John Gray’s work?