June 18, 2010

Doctors update!

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Well I went to the Doctor’s yesterday – it amazes me no matter how early my appointment is she is already running at least 15 mins behind!  Which means I’ve to sit & wait & get even more anxious!  Anyway, it went OK I think.  I just got the underlying feeling that she didn’t really know what to say to me/was a bit awkward with me.  I told her how I hadn’t been feeling so bad as we had lots of visitors & that helped take my mind off things & get me out & about.  I sort of felt like a fake as I was in such a state the last time I was there with her.  I don’t know – I think deep down I think I should be able to cope myself with everything – I don’t see myself as seriously mentally ill.  But then again when it all gets on top of me I really just want to end it all.  Surely that’s not normal.  I worry so much about what other people think of me as well which is why this is bothering me.

Anyway the doctor had referred me for CBT, & she is going to refer me for some CBT computer programme you do yourself at home, she siad that would be useful until my appointments come through.  She also gave me some Positivie Rewards CD’s which is “Positive Mental Training: A 12 week training programme that promotes mental skills for lifelong personal & professional success.”  The first CD’s are just the intro & relaxation & mental programming exercises.  You have to listen to one track every day for 1 week, then move onto the next track.  I am interested in stuff like this, so I am going to start today & give it a go.

I’ve to go & see her again in 2 weeks to get more Citalopram & get the next CD in the series.