July 15, 2010

My new blog

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I have just started a new blog – Nic’s Notebook.  I wanted somewhere where I could post things about my day-to-day life and about my darling pets without being all depressive!  I hope it will give me a bit of a boost to become more positive and to appreciate the good things in my life.  I am still keeping this blog for all my moany posts lol…  The only thing is my partner G, doesn’t know about this blog, but he knows about the new one so if you are commenting on Nic’s Notebook please don’t mention anything about this blog in case he starts to wonder…!

Please come over and have a read & leave me a comment- it will take me a couple more days to get it looking just as I want it (learning as I go!) but my 1st post is up yay!  You will find it at http://www.nicsnotebook.com

July 1, 2010


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Livi did this last month for June and I loved the idea but as usual never got round to actually doing it.  So here are my goals for July.  Hopefully writing them down will make them easier to keep!

  1. Go to the big scary gym at least twice this month.  I was going to say three times but I KNOW that’s way too much for me to cope with.  I have been paying a monthly membership for the last 6 months or so and haven’t used it so I need to get back into going.  I need to get more confidence!
  2. Do some form of aerobic exercise at least every other day.  Since I’ve started feeling less anxious etc I can actually eat again!  And it’s starting to show!
  3. Make more of an effort with my appearance.
  4. Try to stop self-harming as much.  It’s not going to stop completely overnight but I want to try and reduce it.
  5. Listen to my relaxation CD’s the doctor gave me every day – I’ve been really lax with this and have only managed once a week for the first two.  It seems my preferred method of relaxation is to cut myself.  Must change this.
  6. A general one – but just try to be more positive and aware of my moods.