July 20, 2010

I think I’m going to scream

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I just feel so alone. G and I have not been getting on at all since the puppy arrived, we are both so stressed out with the changes but we’re not coming together and working as a team. It’s like we’re fighting against each other. I don’t know how much more I can take it. Either I’m nagging him for doing something that the “book doesn’t say” with the puppy or vice-versa. He has now just stormed off and left me with the puppy. I want to run away, to escape but I can’t do that with a puppy in tow.


July 18, 2010

Having a bit of a wobble today…

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Phew… deep breath.  Well it has been documented on my new blog Nic’s Notebook that we have got a puppy.  In truth it was G who wanted the puppy the most.  He went on and on about it until I finally caved in, and then it all happened so fast I didn’t know what was happening!  Well we’ve had him for a couple of days now and yes, he is so cute and gorgeous.  He is also such a pain in the butt! I broke down in tears earlier I just felt so useless that I couldn’t cope with him.

I have just been getting so stressed out when he pees all over the place, and refuses to come outside.  And when he yelps whenever he is left alone for 2 seconds (never mind at night times). I honestly didn’t think it would be this hard.  All the books we read were saying “There sould be no reason for your puppy to go to the toilet inside if you are taking him out every hour” etc… well we try but it’s not as simple as that!  We would need to take him outside every flippin 15 minutes.  And quite often, he won’t go outside, but as soon as you come in he will go all over the floor.

Another deep breath….  I’m not a very stable person at the best of times and this really isn’t helping!  I feel so guilty because I want to be a good mummy to wee Chester but he just stresses me out so much.  And G and I are fighting lots about it.  He doesn’t see why I can’t just chill out.

I’m a creature of habit and it’s just such an upheaval for our daily lives.  You literally need to keep an eye on him every second.  When he’s outside he’s trying to bite off all our plants and eat stones and swallow clothes pegs and chew dirt etc etc.. It’s exhausting!  The house is a mess, and stinks of doggy pee!  God help me if I ever have a baby – I really don’t think I could cope.

I’m going to try and not let it all get on top of me and I need to start taking some time-outs and going upstairs to relax with my gorgeous well-behaved, pee free cats!

If you read my other blog no doubt all my posts about Chester will imply that we having a glorious, carefree, happy time with him, but you will know the truth….