June 7, 2010

The Weekend’s Over – Relief!

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That must be a first – relief the weekend’s over!  Well I got through “the visit”.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected I must say.  G & I enjoyed the zoo (even though his brother & nephew complained after half an hour that they were bored) – we cut the visit short, I didn’t get to see the sealions but we can go back another day.  There were loads of animals that weren’t out anyway, I loved the elephants last time but they weren’t to be seen as their enclosure was getting renovated, and the lions & tigers were all hiding in the shade somewhere :(

G only had a couple of drinks on Sat night which I was relieved about even though his brother got absolutely plastered – & he bought his 6 year old son shandy (yes shandy) to drink!  Madness.

But my favourite was the Soccer Aid match at Old Trafford.  I have been to a couple of football matches before but never really been too interested.  I usually forget my glasses as well so can’t see the players properly & I’m not really too bothered about the footballers themselves.  But this time I remembered my glasses (yay), I knew almost all of the players, the atmosphere was brilliant & I really really enjoyed it!  I saw Robbie Williams, Olly from X Factor, Gordon Ramsey, Ryan Giggs, Ben Shepherd, Jamie Redknapp amongst others.

The devil child was annoying all weekend.  He is spoilt rotten, his dad NEVER says no to him & he whined the whole time.  I also think there is something wrong with him, maybe he’s just very shy & awkward but he is just very strange – he never smiles or shows any emotion.  Oh to be an amateur psychologist.  I don’t think he’s going to grow up to be a well rounded individual (not that I can talk).

G & I got on OK over the weekend, mainly because we could complain about the devil child etc.

No problems with my new anti-depressants either.  My mouth has been pretty dry but other than that OK.  For the first couple of days I actually felt less tired than usual but the last two days I’ve been shattered – probably because of the visitors etc.  Ah well, onwards & upwards!