April 29, 2010

2days update

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Mooched around after writing my earlier post – it actually took me 2 hours to get a shower and get dressed!  Didn’t really feel like eating but had something as had to make the other half lunch.

Read a bit more of my book – we’re on to the actual strategies now to help you out of the depression.  Yeah yeah get a notebook and fill in this table – it’s ok saying that but I couldn’t even face it.  I’m thinking negatively I know – I just don’t see how this will help.

G (the other half) said “What are you doing just sitting there all day” which succeeded in making me feel even worse.  After a few sorry for myself tears I actually got up to do something.

Yeah!  I did some housework which actually did make me feel a bit better.  G is away for a run now in the pouring rain and slammed the door when he left as I said I couldn’t be bothered coming with him.  I’ll start dinner now so maybe that’ll put me in the good books?

I really hate how my depressions  affect my relationship – of course they’re bound to – but it’s just so hard seeing how I can bring G down and leave him feeling frustrated.  Wish I had a magic wand today and could blow it all away.

The good thing is it’s nearly night time = bedtime = the end of this day.

Don’t want to think about tomorow yet… Maybe I will manage to get out my notebook?