June 7, 2010

The Weekend’s Over – Relief!

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That must be a first – relief the weekend’s over!  Well I got through “the visit”.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected I must say.  G & I enjoyed the zoo (even though his brother & nephew complained after half an hour that they were bored) – we cut the visit short, I didn’t get to see the sealions but we can go back another day.  There were loads of animals that weren’t out anyway, I loved the elephants last time but they weren’t to be seen as their enclosure was getting renovated, and the lions & tigers were all hiding in the shade somewhere :(

G only had a couple of drinks on Sat night which I was relieved about even though his brother got absolutely plastered – & he bought his 6 year old son shandy (yes shandy) to drink!  Madness.

But my favourite was the Soccer Aid match at Old Trafford.  I have been to a couple of football matches before but never really been too interested.  I usually forget my glasses as well so can’t see the players properly & I’m not really too bothered about the footballers themselves.  But this time I remembered my glasses (yay), I knew almost all of the players, the atmosphere was brilliant & I really really enjoyed it!  I saw Robbie Williams, Olly from X Factor, Gordon Ramsey, Ryan Giggs, Ben Shepherd, Jamie Redknapp amongst others.

The devil child was annoying all weekend.  He is spoilt rotten, his dad NEVER says no to him & he whined the whole time.  I also think there is something wrong with him, maybe he’s just very shy & awkward but he is just very strange – he never smiles or shows any emotion.  Oh to be an amateur psychologist.  I don’t think he’s going to grow up to be a well rounded individual (not that I can talk).

G & I got on OK over the weekend, mainly because we could complain about the devil child etc.

No problems with my new anti-depressants either.  My mouth has been pretty dry but other than that OK.  For the first couple of days I actually felt less tired than usual but the last two days I’ve been shattered – probably because of the visitors etc.  Ah well, onwards & upwards!


June 5, 2010

Visitors…Round 2

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Today another of G’s brothers is coming over to visit along with his 6 year old (devil child) son – notice me jumping for joy (ahem!)…  I have been stressing out about it for weeks but I’m just trying to relax today & see what happens.  His brother is in his 40’s and recently had his 2nd divorce so is partying like he’s 20 at the minute.  I have a real “thing” about alcohol partly due to the fact my mum is an alcoholic so I am really worried about the amount of drinking that will be going on.  It just makes me really anxious.  Although I’d prefer them to stay in the house & have a few drinks than go out.  His brother is after absolutely ANY woman he can get his hands on at the minute, pulling 17 year old girls and the like (yuk), so me bring of a slightly unbalanced, insecure nature don’t really fancy G going out to the local bars with him!

And as for the devil child….!  Well I think it’s not his fault, he’s just been really messed up about his parents divorce (it hasn’t been at all amicable).  We have 3 cats & the last time the devil child was at one of their other brother’s houses he was caught banging the wee dog’s head against the floor.  So he may stay away from our cats!

On a positive note we are going to Chester Zoo today and I absolutely love animals.  So I’m going to take my camera & just try to enjoy the day out.  Tomorrow we’re going to Old Trafford for the Soccer Aid match (not so interested but should be good!)  Wish me luck!