April 27, 2010


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Hi – well I attended my first appointment with the new counsellor last night – it was just a half hour introductory session.  I’m left with mixed feelings as to how it went….  I thought the counsellor seemed quite nervous at the start which didn’t really put me at ease.  Then I had the feeling that she wasn’t really connecting with me…  I was trying to condense my whole life story into 20 minutes or so and was getting very upset.  It’s not like she wasn’t pleasant or she didn’t listen – I just got the feeling that there was something missing.

She is a person-centred cousellor which means she basically just listens and supports me as I try to work out the answers myself.  I’m just not sure if that approach is one that will work for me..  At the minute I feel like cancelling the next appt (next Mon)…

I’m sort of left feeling a bit violated (!) that I have told her everything about me all the bad bits etc and I just felt like she wasn’t overly sympathetic or just didn’t “get me”… I was left feeling emotionally drained and pretty low.

I’m not sure I will think about it and see how I feel.  Has anyone had similar experiences?